Autism App for Infants and Toddlers Available Offline

An offline version of the award winning special education app iLearnNEarn2 - Age 1-7 hits the iTunes and Google Play, effectively giving parents and teachers an opportunity to work with a large volume of ABA-based content without having to connect to the Internet.

“There is no disconnect, actually,” Nish Parikh, CEO, WebTeam Corporation, said, explaining that the offline program rather contributes to the bottom line of ColorsKit: Anytime. Anywhere. Together.

The functional and competitive aspects that are unique to this new release on the App store on iTunes and Google Play are:

No matter whether you are traveling to a remote area or just out of network coverage, you have uninterrupted access to a varied platter of content that serves pre-schoolers with autism.

Nish Parikh, CEO, WebTeam Corporation

1. Speed and performance – By storing all the working data locally, i.e., on the device, the app works more efficiently than most other apps of similar size and scope. It also produces improved performance by getting rid of the latency bottleneck common to transmission of data over a virtual network. Faster loading time is another direct benefit of reduced latency.

To quote Parikh: “Earlier some users had to wait as the questions and activities loaded. We have addressed that area of concern in this version, and hope to get a positive evaluation of the app from our users.”

2. Flexible synchronization – While working on a single device, a user can access up-to-date information about the assigned program(s) and reports. However, when more than one device is involved, the user needs to connect to the Internet to sync data.

3. Better battery lifeOffline apps consume less energy than their online counterparts, thereby ensuring efficient battery usage.

4. Ubiquitousness – “No matter whether you are traveling to a remote area or just out of network coverage, you have uninterrupted access to a varied platter of content that serves pre-schoolers with autism,” said Parikh.

5. Competitive advantage – Just in case a user already has an active data plan, iLearnNEarn2 – Age 1-7 Offline lets them bypass roaming charges even when they are not latched onto their home network.

6. Better parental control – Since a working data connection is not mandatory to access the app, parents can simply enable access restriction to make sure their kids don’t end up on any undesirable website or webpage.

About ColorsKit

With 500,000+ users and 1.5M downloads, ColorsKit is WebTeam Corporation’s the most comprehensive product to date. It offers a variety of apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. These apps allow parents, teachers, therapists, researchers and other caregivers to take care of their loved one's learning and development through an extended period of time. The data-tracking functionality integrated with audio and video technologies can help parents and teachers communicate crucial information back and forth between homes and classrooms. Parents can teach the same lesson plans that the child learns in the classroom. The technology that is at the heart of ColorsKit helps a differently-abled individual develop increased attention span. Most importantly, ColorsKit allows caregivers to obtain the information necessary for every part of autism management, in order to decide upon the most effective treatment, intervention or teaching method.

For schools, ColorsKit is helpful in addressing the challenge of high demand of special needs services. ColorsKit apps are in use in some of the top special schools and districts in the country, including Chicago Public Schools, Marshall University, Lake Washington School District, Mill Valley School District, Revere Public Schools, East Lansing Public Schools, Monroe #1 BOCES, Sandusky City Schools, Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation, Pocahontas Area Community Schools, Boone County Schools, Putnam City Schools.