'Shanesh Colors' Interactive Educational Tool Launched At Eden Institute Princeton, NJ

'Shanesh Colors', an interactive educational tracking and monitoring system was recently launched at Eden Institute in Princeton. The institute caters to the needs of individual with autism.

Demonstrating Shanesh Colors kiosk to a small group of supporters, Nish Parikh the brain behind the software and CEO of Web Team Corporation that developed the method and the system, said, "Shanesh serves the supplemental intervention requirement of teachers who need to monitor physical movements of students and deliver individualized intervention in the classroom. I believe our global patent pending method and technology is going to revolutionize the special needs education world."

With three cameras mounted on it, the kiosk records users' response and stores for evaluation. "This method and technology maximizes results of all applied behavior activities without diminishing human touch", commented Nish highlighting the importance of one-on-one ABA intervention in a classroom setting.

Scrolling over various features and activities of 'Shanesh', Nish continued, "Individualized education is provided with the help of touch screen and animation technology. The program allows students to respond to animated characters on the screen while their responses are monitored by administrators or teachers. The reports and recorded video are accessible to experts for further analysis and improvements".

The group was given a guided tour of Eden Institute where students of different age groups and diverse needs are trained and educated under clinicians and instructors. In the transition room Kirsten Meehan, Lead Teacher, was monitoring her students, who were enjoying the audio and visuals that appeared on Shanesh color kiosk with every touch of her finger. Once the student answered all questions a character appeared on the screen to reward the student with a colorful trophy, balloon or candy as an incentive to encourage her moving on to the next activity.

"The tool was introduced six months ago for children of age group 13-18. We are in the process of analyzing data generated through this supplemental tool that we are using in our transition classroom", said Ms. Meehan, "Now we are ready to enter in the second phase of the program."

The group was shown classrooms where students were provided lifespan needs. "It is important to teach them lifespan needs. Once they enter their late teens and twenties, students can be trained in different skills, such as, copying, shredding and other office jobs. They achieve competency to work in the community as volunteers or paid workers", Melinda McAleer, Chief Development Officer of Eden Autism Services, pointed out.

Founded in 1975, Eden began as a small, family oriented school for individuals with autism. "Some of our programs have been implemented in schools and other settings across the country", Ms. McAleer commented.

Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula joined the group. Extending his support he commented the work done by Eden and provided his compliments to Web team for developing such an innovative tool to help autistic children of the state of New Jersey.

Observing attentively was Anna Lustenberg of Verizon, the sponsors of Shanesh Colors at Eden. Enthusiastically joining the group visiting classrooms she carefully watched students engaged in different activities. "It is a great feeling watching them actively involved in Individualized Educational activities. We are very proud to be part of such an initiative." said Ms.Lustenberg, Director of Verizon's External Affairs.

Acknowledging the support extended by Verizon Foundation implementing Shanesh project at Eden, Nish Parikh, who was standing next to Ms. Lustenberg, commented, "We truly appreciate the opportunity provided by Verizon Foundation and Eden Institute to pilot our innovative intervention technology."

Students are placed in and progress through the Eden Institute programs according to age and skill level. At the start of the school year, each student's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is reviewed and revised, in cooperation with parents and school district child study teams, to incorporate specific and individual program goals for the year ahead.

Impressed by the professional role Eden was playing in improving the lives of children and adolescents with autism, the group left with a message to help the people.

The group was told that each of the five programs is staffed by one or more certified teachers of the handicapped, as well as one to five teaching assistants, depending upon the current number of students enrolled. Ancillary staff includes certified speech pathologists, adaptive physical education teachers and school nurses. A year long program is available to children and adolescents aged 3 to 21. Its teaching techniques are based in Applied Behavior Analysis and each student's curriculum is tailored to his or her specific needs and abilities and established on individual, annual assessments.

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