WebTeam Corporation Demonstrates How to Bring Innovation to Classroom


With an increasing number of parents turning to privately run special schools believing that their children's needs will be better served in a more structured setting of smaller classrooms, it's time for teachers to reciprocate the trust of parents by exploring the multifaceted role of technology, according to WebTeam Corporation.

Speaking with teachers, speech-language pathologists, behavior therapists, innovators and entrepreneurs at the 2016 NAPSEC Annual Leadership Conference in Coronado, CA, the executive management team at WebTeam Corporation made a strong case in favor of technology as a key differentiator between an ordinary and an awesome learning experience for students with different abilities.

“When it comes to ensuring a much faster diagnosis, earlier intervention and better social interactions for individuals with special needs, we don’t have a choice but to embrace the types of technologies that can collect data and allow for adjustments to a learning plan suited to an individual's learning abilities. And that’s just one example of what innovative technology can bring to your school,” said Janet Gargiulo, WebTeam Vice President.

“We are now closer to the 2020s than to the 2010s. The role of technology, more specifically of mobile technology, will continue to evolve into a necessity for pediatricians and psychologists,” Janet said, hinting that mobile apps are being used to monitor a child’s growth over a period of time.

“It is absolutely imperative to advance innovative practices in the field of special education. A serendipitous benefit of using a game-based teaching approach in the classroom is that it encourages students to engage in participatory activities that ultimately foster leadership skills,” said Nish Parikh, WebTeam CEO.​


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