WebTeam Corporation Demos Scheduling and Intervention Apps at ECLC of NJ

If great strides towards a common mission are made through conversations, collaborations and team-building, WebTeam Corporation is surely leading by numerous examples, the latest of them being an hour-long workshop at the Ho-Ho-Kus campus of ECLC where WebTeam's executive team interacted with parents of individuals with special needs and demoed two of its premier apps.

WebTeam Corporation in 2013 signed a contract with ECLC of New Jersey to develop mobile apps for autism and other special needs. One of the programs that was considered necessary for both younger and older kids was a schedule management tool that would help them stay on track with their routines. With guidance and continuing support from ECLC’s teachers, WebTeam built MyToday and presented it to a group of parents who said they liked what they saw and would definitely want to use it for their children. Early Education – Home Kit was another app shown to the participating audience.

“Parents were interested in what we had to offer. Once we broke off and let the parents try MyToday on the school’s iPads, they loved  it. They asked a few questions but got the grasp of the app quickly. One parent asked me how it would be implemented. She and her husband liked the app. They believed it could work into the school and social life of their teenage child,” said Tim Sharp, Program Coordinator at WebTeam Corporation.

“Most children who are on the spectrum prefer to be tied to a specific routine and any deviation from it can be very confusing for them. Many have trouble with unscheduled tasks or situations. MyToday can be a fantastic tool to restore order in their lives,” Tim added.

“We are excited to be talking to parents who know what it’s like to deal with autism and other special needs day in and day out. These are some of the most amazing people who celebrate their children’s small moments of success and always feel proud of them for who they are. When it comes to appreciating the individual characteristics of these exceptional children, parents are the go-to group for us. We have been working with autism advocacy organizations and other local schools as well, just to make sure that what we are doing is effective for the entire special needs community in New Jersey. I would like to thank ECLC for supporting WebTeam with their phenomenal expertise on a subject that’s as sensitive and enigmatic as autism,” said Janet Gargiulo, WebTeam Vice President.